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Ethics Commissioner Confirms that No Inquiries Are Underway Concerning the Member for Taschereau

November 13th 2019 - Under section 91 of the Code of ethics and conduct of the Members of the National Assembly, a member may not request an inquiry into a possible violation of the values of the National Assembly. The purpose of an inquiry is to shed light on a situation, but in this case, it seems that all the facts are already known.

The values of the National Assembly are evolving concepts that Members help to define. Thus, the Ethics Commissioner cannot unilaterally decide on the criteria for application that refer to the value of respect for the institution of the National Assembly. In this case, the responsibility is shared between the National Assembly and the Ethics Commissioner.

However, based on responses from both the deputation and the public, the Ethics Commissioner notes that the situation deserves consideration and, as such, offers her cooperation to the National Assembly.