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Cooperation agreement between the Ethics Commissioner and ENAP

March 16th 2021 - The Ethics Commissioner (hereinafter the “Commissioner”) and the École nationale d’administration publique (ENAP) are pleased to announce the signing of a cooperation agreement. The two institutions are teaming up to expand their parliamentary ethics and conduct initiatives within Québec and on the international stage.

This renewable, three-year agreement will allow the Commissioner and ENAP to inform a wider audience about the issues surrounding parliamentary ethics and conduct. This collaboration involves hosting foreign delegations, developing and offering training courses, organizing international seminars and other similar events, and strengthening the organizations’ respective expertise through mutual support and advice.

“Integrity has become increasingly prominent in the political discourse here and around the globe. It is fundamental to maintaining citizens’ confidence in their democratic institutions. The Commissioner is thrilled to be able to count on ENAP’s collaboration to showcase and enhance Québec’s expertise in this area,” said Ariane Mignolet, Ethics Commissioner.

For ENAP Executive Director Guy Laforest, combining his institution’s strengths with those of a partner like the Ethics Commissioner is a source of pride. “Parliamentary ethics and conduct are central to any healthy democratic institution. ENAP is pleased to work with its new partner to highlight these principles locally, and in the French-speaking countries where it already operates. Through training, consulting and capacity building, parliamentarians here and abroad will be better equipped than ever to face the challenges of the future,” added Laforest.

 About ENAP

The École nationale d’administration publique is the only French-language university of public administration in North America. It is also a professional school that offers individuals and organizations a comprehensive selection of courses and services, and supports them in meeting the challenges of the public and parapublic sectors. ENAP works with and for public stakeholders.