The Ethics Commissioner

Private-Interest Disclosure

Every year, in order to prevent conflict of interests situations and to foster transparency, each Member and Cabinet Minister must file a statement with the Ethics Commissioner disclosing his or her private interests and those of his or her family members. The Ethics Commissioneer examines these statements and prepares a disclosure summary, which is made public.

Required information varies depending on whether the subject is a Member or a Cabinet Minister. Sections 38 and 52 of the Code of ethics and conduct of Members of the National Assembly contain the specific requirements for each. The Commissioner must file the same statement as the Member.

Executive secretaries of Cabinet Ministers and House Officers must also file a statement disclosing their private interests and those of their family members. It must contain the information required by section 19 of the Regulation respecting the rules of conduct applicable to the office staff of Ministers or section 18 of the Rules of conduct applicable to the staff of Members and House Officers of the National Assembly. No summary is produced in these cases.

Private-Interest Disclosure Forms

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Private-Interest Disclosure Summaries








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