Social Media Netiquette

The social media accounts of the Ethics Commissioner (hereinafter the "Commissioner") provide information on the organization, its mission and its responsibilities. The Commissioner's presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn aims to diversify the means of access to public information.


By subscribing to the Commissioner's accounts, you have access to information on the mission of the institution, its responsibilities and its activities. You will learn more about the ethical and deontological issues faced by members of the National Assembly of Quebec and their political staff.

If you want to display photos or videos on those pages, make sure you have permission from the people who appear in them. The Commissioner disclaims all liability and reserves itself the right to remove any photo or video without notice.

Comments and moderation

The comments expressed are the sole responsibility of their authors and do not reflect the position of the Commissioner. To prevent that hateful and inappropriate messages be published, the Commissioner reserves itself the right to censor the author of any comments that are not related to the publications or that contravene this Netiquette. In addition, messages posted repeatedly will be deleted and the authors will be blocked from the page.

The Commissioner encourages his subscribers to engage in civilized and respectful speeches and to be courteous when commenting on publications. Defamatory, abusive, obscene and discriminatory remarks against a race, a sex, a religion, a nationality or a sexual orientation will not be tolerated. The Commissioner reserves itself the right to delete these comments and to block their authors.

All activity and comments posted on social media are public and permanent. Therefore, they can be accessible to everyone. The Commissioner is under no obligation to withdraw comments if such a request is made.

Replies to comments

The Commissioner manages its social media accounts according to the days and hours of regular work in Quebec: from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It does not commit itself to respond fully to questions and comments.

External references

The Commissioner's social media accounts may sometimes provide links to other websites for informational purposes. The Commissioner does not vouch for the content published on these sites or the accuracy of the information presented.


The Commissioner reserves itself the right to block or remove from his list of subscribers anyone who does not comply with its rules of use.


Subject to the terms of use of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, information posted on the Commissioner's social media is subject to the Copyright Act of Canada (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42) available on the Justice Laws website:


For any questions regarding this netiquette or the management of the Commissioner's social media accounts, please contact us at


The Commissioner reserves itself the right to modify this netiquette at any time and without notice.