Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The Office of the Ethics Commissioner invites you to read its privacy policy to become familiar with the rules it applies to protect privacy and personal information.

Contact the Office of the Ethics Commissioner to learn more or comment on the policy or how the Office protects personal information.

User Responsibilities

For optimal security, the Office of the Ethics Commissioner recommends that you:

  • use the most recent version of a browser that complies with security requirements (128-bit SSL protocol);
  • erase the computer's cache memory after sending data.

Information Gathered for Statistical Purposes

The Office of the Commissioner automatically collects the following information when you visit its website:

  • your Internet domain name ◦a domain name is the part of a host name that specifically identifies the website of an organization (e.g. is the domain name of the Assembly website)
  • your computer's IP address ◦this numerical address (e.g. specifically identifies a computer connected to the Internet network and allows it to be located
  • type of browser (Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and operating system (Windows, Mac OS, etc.) used
  • date and time of the visit
  • pages viewed
  • address of referring site, if you accessed the Ethics Commissioner's website from another website

This information allows the Ethics Commissioner site to send you files that are compatible with your computer equipment. Please rest assured that this does not enable personal identification of your visit to the site.

The information is held and used by the Office of the Ethics Commissioner for statistical purposes to determine

  • number of visitors
  • most popular pages
  • user technology
  • referring sites
  • users' country of origin

Use of Cookies

The Office of the Ethics Commissioner does not place any permanent cookie files ("cookies") on the hard disk drive of visitors' computers.

To improve the performance of certain website functionalities, a temporary cookie may be placed in the random access memory of a hard disk drive. The cookie is automatically erased when visitors leave the site.

Visitors may deactivate cookie acceptance at any time by adjusting the preferences in their browser. Doing so may however make certain website functionalities unavailable.

Gathering Personal Information

No information other than that previously mentioned will be gathered during your visit to the Ethics Commissioner's website (

Transmission of Personal Information by Email

The Office of the Ethics Commissioner handles email with the same confidentiality measures as used for regular mail.

Sending personal information by email is not entirely secure. Therefore, the Office of the Ethics Commissioner recommends that personal information such as a social insurance number or credit card number not be sent by email.

For the same reason, the Office of the Ethics Commissioner does not respond to questions by email if that would require the transmission of confidential information.

Links to External Websites

The Ethics Commissioner's website contains links to other sites. Any information exchanged on these sites is not protected by the Ethics Commissioner's privacy policy, but is subject to external website policies if they exist.