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2021 Disclosure Summaries of the Private Interests

June 7th 2022 - The Ethics Commissioner (hereinafter the “Commissioner”) published the summary of the disclosure of private interests for every MNA and Cabinet Minister for the year 2021. This exercise is performed under sections 40 and 55 of the Code of ethics and conduct of the Members of the National Assembly (hereinafter "the Code").

Within 60 days upon taking office and than on an annual basis, MNAs and Cabinet Ministers must file with the Commissioner a disclosure statement of their private interests. This concerns their personal interests as well as those of their immediate family, namely their spouse and their dependent children. The disclosure includes information related to income, to immovable property, to notice of expropriation, to professional, commercial, or industrial activities and to interests in an enterprise. Cabinet Ministers must also provide additional information regarding their assets (e.g., shares in a company, real estate, RRSPs, savings) and liabilities (e.g., lines of credit, mortgages, car loans).

The Code identifies which information in the declaration must be made public. The summary strikes a balance between respecting the privacy of elected officials and providing the transparency required to maintain the public’s confidence.

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