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Release of a guide on the conduct of an inquiry concerning a Member of the National Assembly

May 18th 2021 - The Ethics Commissioner (hereinafter the “Commissioner”) is releasing a guide to explain the inquiry process followed in application of the Code of ethics and conduct of the Members of the National Assembly (hereinafter the “Code”).

With the adoption of the Code, the Commissioner was entrusted with the power to conduct inquiries about the ethics and the conduct of Members. An inquiry is held when there are reasonable grounds to believe that there may have been a breach of the Code, for the purpose of shedding light on one or more situations. This guide will provide Members of the National Assembly and the public with a better understanding of this private, confidential exercise. The document explains the nature of the process and describes the steps that allow the Commissioner to rule on whether the Code has been violated or not.

Consult the guide (French only)