Public registers

The Code of ethics and conduct of the Members of the National Assembly states that the Ethics Commissioner must make available for public consultation certain information related to gifts, tokens of hospitality and benefits received by the Members. The Ethics Commissioner must also issue and publish disclosure summaries of the Members’ and Cabinet Ministers’ private interests.

Gifts, tokens of hospitality and other benefits

Members and Cabinet Ministers

The Code allows a Member or Cabinet Minister to accept a gift, benefit or token of hospitality. For more information on the rules  surrounding gifts and benefits, see the Gifts and Benefits section under Ethical obligations of the Members of the National Assembly.

When a gift, benefit or token of hospitality has a value of more than $200, a disclosure statement must be filed with the Ethics Commissioner within 30 days. The Ethics Commissioner keeps a public register in which the statements of the Members and Cabinet Ministers are recorded.

Ethics Commissioner

The Règlement sur les conflits d'intérêts du commissaire à l'éthique et à la déontologie (in French only) allows the Ethics Commissioner to accept a gift, benefit or token of hospitality in accordance with the stipulated terms and conditions regarding its acceptance. The Ethics Commissioner must therefore refuse any benefit offered in exchange for speaking about or taking a position on a particular issue. Likewise, he or she must refuse a benefit that may impair his or her independence of judgment in carrying out the duties of office, or that may compromise his or her integrity or that of the National Assembly. Regardless of the value of the gift, benefit or token of hospitality, a statement must be entered in the public register within 30 days following its receipt.

Consult the Public Register (French only)