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What to know before running in a provincial election

May 12th 2022 - The Ethics Commissioner (the "Commissioner") issues an informative document for people who are considering running in a provincial election. It outlines the ethical principles and obligations they will have to respect if elected and the impact these may have on them and their family.

The document was attached to the nomination papers that were sent to the various political parties by Elections Québec. It is also available on the Commissioner's website.

In addition, the Commissioner dedicated an episode of its podcast Les Notes de bas de page to the same topic. Commissioner Ariane Mignolet and two lawyers from her team, Me Élodie Gagné-Lafrance and Me François Corriveau, briefly discuss the main provisions of the Code of ethics and conduct of the Members of the National Assembly (the "Code") that must be considered by people who are considering running for office and their immediate family members.

Without giving formal advice under the Code, the Commissioner may answer some general questions to guide potential candidates in their considerations.

Consult the document