Members of the National Assembly

The MNAs are subject to the ethical principles and rules of conduct established by the Code of ethics and conduct of the Members of the National Assembly, as are the Cabinet Ministers, including anyone who is a member of the Conseil exécutif but not the National Assembly.

This section presents the main provisions in the Code concerning the values and ethical principles to which the Members must adhere and their ethical obligations. It also includes the texts published by the Ethics Commissioner related to the Code.

Reference Material

The Code

Code of ethics and conduct of the Members of the National Assembly (Link to Publications du Québec)
(chapter C-23.1)

For people who wish to stand as candidates in provincial elections

Principales et obligations under the Code of ethics of the Members of the National Assembly (PDF, 120 Ko) August 2021

Guidelines and Reference Material

The Ethics Commissioner may publish guidelines and other reference material for Members regarding the application of the Code. Those are sorted by themes below.

Gifts, Hospitality and Other Benefits

Information Note (Additional Information) (PDF, 49 Ko) June 2014 (French only)
Information Note (Free Tickets) (PDF, 53 Ko) June 2014 (French only)
Guidelines (PDF, 285 Ko) May 2012 
Analysis Grid Summarizing the Guidelines (PDF, 327 Ko) May 2012 (French only)

Post-Term Rules

Guidelines (PDF, 135 Ko) July 2018, updated in July 2021
Applicable to the Members of the Conseil exécutif only

Conflict of Interest Situations

Information note (Covid-19/contracts with the Government) April 2020
Information note (Blind trust and blind management agreement) (PDF, 97 Ko) February 2014 (French only)
Information note (Letter of support or recommendation) (PDF, 66 Ko) September 2013 (French only)

Use of State Property and Services

Information Note (Constituency Office) (PDF, 103 Ko) May 2017 (French only)

Inquiry Process

Information Note (Inquiry Process Guide) (PDF, 399 Ko) May 2021 (French only)

Discretionary Financial Assistance

Guidelines (PDF, 165 Ko) November 2021 (French only)