The Ethics Commissioner is an independent authority responsible for enforcing and applying the ethical principles and rules guiding the conduct of the Members of the Québec National Assembly and their staff.

In the news

December 7th 2018 - Six inquiry reports of the Ethics Commissioner have been tabled in the National Assembly since its reconvening.

These are reports on:

  • Mr. Gaétan Barrette, Member for La Pinière
  • Mr. André Lamontagne, Member for Johnson
  • Mr. François Bonnardel, Member for Granby
  • Mr. Éric Caire, Member for La Peltrie
  • Ms. Nathalie Roy, Member for Montarville
  • Mr. François Legault, Member for L'Assomption

To read these reports, visit the Inquiry Reports section under our Publications page.

November 29th 2018 - The President of the National Assembly, François Paradis, tabled the Activity Report of the Ethics Commissioner for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. This report summarizes the organization's main activities during this period to ensure the implementation of the Code of ethics and conduct of the Members of the National Assembly.

November 20th 2018 - Mr. Martin Ouellet, MNA for René-Lévesque, requested that the Ethics Commissioner conduct an inquiry concerning the Minister of Economy and Innovation and MNA for Terrebonne, Mr. Pierre Fitzgibbon.

The request made specifies that the MNA for René-Lévesque has reasonable grounds to believe that the Minister has committed breaches of the Code of ethics and conduct of the Members of the National Assembly (CQLR, Chapter C-23.1), more specifically to its sections 15, 16, 22 and 49, by "knowingly intervening at least 5 times with actors in the aeronautical industry [...] when he personally held 8300 shares in a major industry actor and supplier to its main client, Bombardier Inc, namely Héroux-Devtek. »

Consequently, the Commissioner opened an inquiry into this matter, after having previously informed the Minister. As required by the Code, the Commissioner conducts her investigation in private. Upon completion of her work, she shall promptly issue an inquiry report setting out the reasons for her conclusions and recommendations, if any. This report is transmitted to the President of the National Assembly who tables it in the National Assembly, after which it becomes public.

Until the end of the investigation process, the Commissioner will not make any comments.